Kosmo Devos

lrbx slide longboard

"Make way for the bibibob"

How old are you?

I’m currently 23 years old.

What's your favorite Setup?

I’ve had many that I really liked but I’m currently very happy with my Cosmo Astro (42inch) with Paris trucks and Mindless Maji wheels. I wouldn’t want to go down a hill with this setup though 🙂 

Any Tattoos?


Since when do you ride with LRBX

I have been riding with LRBX since I was 15 years old, which would mean it’s now been 8 years. Damn time flies…

Your favorite spot

Esplanade du Luxemburg in Brussels because that’s the weekly spot where everyone gets together! 

What de you do if you're not skating?

Not skating obviously. Just kidding, I’m hilarious.

I love being in nature (mostly hiking and camping), getting a drink with friends and playing some video games.

Which discipline do you prefer?

I’m interested in every discipline as long as I do it with friends! But I think I spend more time on flat/dancing/cruise.

what do you drink during skate time?

H20 and fermented malt

What got you to skate?

While crossing a street with Gaspard with our penny board and cruiser, a car stopped and out of nowhere a hand, with a business card, reached out of a window. Turned out the be members of LRBX! Cool story right?