Safety and respect


It’s been nearly 10 years since we started organizing longboard activities for all levels and we’ve always wanted everyone to feel safe in a safe environment. We enforce this by making sure that every activity is accompanied by a member of our team who is accustomed to these safety measures and knows the best ways to ensure a comfortable level of security for every rider present. We have our rules for each kind of sessions we propose. 

Dancing / Freestyll sessions

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to oblige you to wear any protective gear such as a helmet, gloves or others, but it's highly recommend

Freeride / Slide Sessions

You must wear a helmet for this session and the rest of the safety gear are highly recommended.

Race / Downhill Sessions

Considered as an extreme sport, wearing a full face helmet, slide gloves, knee pads are mandatory! And it's recommended to add a back protection, elbow pads and a hip protection to your safety gear equipment.

LRBX cannot be accountable for any accidents occurred during any longboard activities. 

Respect your spot and community

Lastly, to keep our longboarding community striving we ask riders to respect the sport and the spots themselves. We know that the interest of the community is to be able to ride as much as possible, on the best spots possible, in the best conditions possible. To do this, LRBX organizes sessions and other activities where we know the spots and the sport cannot be compromised in any way. To do so we ask for riders cooperation and sympathy. 

Even if you are not riding with us please respect these rules to respect our sport. If you don’t you may kill the spot, which are already hard to find.. 

some guidelines:

  •  Do not litter
  • Respect the neighborhood and the locals
  • Try to not be too many people at the same time