FLAT (Dancing) is a discipline that consists of performing technical figures on a flat surface. The technicality of the tricks will determine the strongest competitor. The factor « style » and speed are taken into account. The contest takes the form of a duel.

SLIDES consists of skidding (sliding the wheels perpendicular to the road) to slow down or even brake.
You can also slide for fun because there are different techniques of slides with or without hands on the ground. It is therefore necessary to have sliding gloves.

The DOWNHILL (DH): DH boards are stiffer for more stability, designed to descend at speeds of over 100 km/h. The protections (full face helmet, leather suit) are essential to practice this discipline. The wheels are bigger (between 70 and 85 mm) for more speed and more grip. In competition, the goal is to get to the bottom of the slope first.

PUSH RACE is a discipline that consists of covering a determined distance as quickly as possible. The winner designates the competitor who completes the circuit the fastest.

SLALOM is a very technical discipline in which a short board is used to complete a cone course on an inclined road. The aim is to complete the course as quickly as possible without knocking over any cones.