Who are we?

LRBX is a Brussels based longboard collective dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience to beginners as well as bringing the community together by promoting longboarding and organizing activities for riders of all levels. 

What do we do?

We offer all kinds of different activities ranging between beginner longboard lessons for all ages and free sessions allowing anyone to participate and continue developing their skills. All activities are announced on our Facebook page.

Where do we do it?

We’re a non-profit organization that operates from Brussels in order to organize activities all over Belgium


sessions & activities

By organizing longboard sessions we want to bring riders from all different backgrounds together allowing them to get acquainted with the community and develop their skills further. The sessions vary in frequency, location and most importantly, in disciplines (including dancing, slide and downhill). During these free sessions, everyone is welcome to join. Be sure to stay tuned on our Facebook page for upcoming sessions.


Have you always wanted to try longboarding but didn't know where to start? Say no more! We organize group lessons for beginners at Bois de la Cambre once a month in Brussels. You’ll learn the basics of longboarding: pushing, turning, braking and balancing. These skills will make you more comfortable on a longboard and help you continue practicing at our free weekly sessions, with friends or on your own.



Alors que l’hiver s’est bien installé sur Bruxelles, notre team rider Kosmo est parti rouler sous des cieux plus cléments. Direction Medellín en Colombie à 1495 mètres d’altitude. Température actuelle: 28°c, soit 29 de plus qu’en Belgique. Pour ce premier Raw Run, Kosmo a confié la caméra à des amis backpackers. Il nous raconte l’expérience: Les conditions étaient parfaites: une vue époustouflante, un coucher de soleil magnifique et surtout des gens souriants pour m’accompagner. Kosmo On attend la suite avec impatience !