Longskate or longboard is a skate board longer than a classic one, that permits to move much faster. This discipine was invented by californian surfers missing waves and feelings in the 70's, a bit after skateboard (1961), and then imported in Europe by Mathieu Navarro used as a model all along the french coast and particularly the "Narbonnais". Feelings that longboard offers are similar to surf or snowboard. This sliding spot wants to find those feelings in curves and tracks, and can be practiced in town or on the road.

Since those last 5 years, we noted a fast worldwide evolution of sport. Indeed, you can see more and more people longboarding on public roads. In our judgment, LRBX, etablish an ethical and security charter is promordian in order to

ensure the continuation of our sport and its evolution. In some countries, public authorities do not really know how to get that phenomenon. It is important to supervise this sport so as to avoid any problem with authorities in the future.

By the moment we are considered as bikers. Please, keep it up. It is so important for beginners or people that want to discover this spot to be aware. Longboard is a dangerous sport and involves some experience and security before being fully practiced. It is also important to know where we belong. In Belgium for example, longboard has begun its evolution about fifteen years ago thank to people like Damien Gillissen, or Xavier Ethuin, who contributed a lot in the rise of this sport in the country. People were here before you, please respect them and thein experience in this sport. All their advices are good to get.

The aim of ASBL Laroulette Bruxelloise (LRBX) is to safety and sanely promote sport in Belgium and every where. Laroulette organises 3 sessions a week, the first takes place on the monday (place du Luxembourg) the second one on tuesday (mabru) and the last ont on the wednesday (tumulis). Beside those 3 days, ASBL Laroulette is not responsible for anything that could happen on those spots.

Indeed, monday, tuesday and wednesday sessions are safe by LRBX instructors. Unfortunately, longboard has not restricted places for its own. It is important to respect other users when you go out (cars, bikes, ...)

Here is the link that gives you informations about the belgian law for moving devices (bikes, longboard, rollers, ...).

Print it, keep it with you. To avoid any problem.

A few last thing: to be able to keep riding, pick up yout trash, respect spots and residents.

By this way, we won't have any problem with authorities.

LRBX is going to develop as quickly as possible a security chart so that every one could be advised of the necessary rules for our sport's evolution.