SLALOMis a very technical disciplines in which a short board is used to achieve a cones courses on a sloping road. The goal is to achieve the courses as fast as possible without reversing any cone.


PUSH RACE is a discipline that involves traveling a determined distance as quickly as possible. The winner is the contender that runs the course the fastest.


Le FLAT ( Dancing ) is a discipline that is to carry out technical figures on a flat surface. The most technical figures will determine the strongest competitor. Style and speed are elements that are considered. Contest takes place as a duel.


SLIDE means skidding (wheels perpendicular to the road) in order to slow down or stop.
You can also slide only for your own pleasure because a lot of different sliding techniques exist with or without gloves down. That is why wearing slide gloves is required.


DOWNHILL (DH) : DH boards are stiffer for more stability, designed to reach speeds of up to 100 km/h, . Protections (integral helmet, leather suit) are required to practice this discipline. Wheels are bigger (from 70 to 85 mm) to get more speed and more adhesion. In competition, you have to reach down first.