Guillaume lefebvre

"Tranquille à balle!"

How old are you?

I was born the 24th of jun 1994 in Geneva 100% swiss made.

What's your favorite Setup?

I like kind of Old-school setup with a wide deck, 170mm trucks and the appropriate wheels for some kind of spot. For now I’m riding a Schoumaniti deck, Sabre trucks 170mm. But I can adapte to almost every kind of setup.

Any Sponsors?

I’m in partnership with Schoumi and Anita who shape shoumaniti boards in Switzerland. With Vince Ferou for the French made wheels Things Wheels. And Nicolas brunet for Ezel’x.

Since when do you ride with LRBX

I met Cédric Scheers during a freeride at Yzeron in 2017 . The same year I met Lancelot Petrus  at Gioasteka freeride and at Alpenrauschen the next year. When a arrived in Brussels in 2018 Lancelot share his house until I found an appartement to start my kinesiology studies. So I quickly met the other people of LRBX. And here we are!

Your favorite spot

The Pierre St Martin in the Pyrenees is one of my favorite spots but there is so many awesome spot so it’s hard to make a choice.

What de you do if you're not skating?

When I’m not skating I’m in school, I’m hangin out with friends, I make music and I do sport.

Which discipline do you prefer?

I use to do street skateboarding I I get to longboarding since around 10 years. I love Downhill but I can’t say no to shred / freeride sessions. I don’t really like contests even if I love to go fast.  For me Skating is sharing an not the chasing of who’s going faster.

what do you drink during skate time?

Nothing’s better than a big bottle of water to stay hydrated. But for the evening after a good skating day I prefer to drink a good beer or a Gin Tonic

What got you to skate?

It’s because of my bro Jules Hornung who met a longboarders crew in 2009 in Geneva. This crew invited us to try and they became my best friends and since that time we share more than just sessions together.