Cédric Scheers

"Being fast and safe that's the key"

How old are you?

I’am 32 years old.

What's your favorite Setup?

Drang dodger Rogue 160 30/50 Rad balestero


Drang Board for ever!

Since when do you ride with LRBX

Since the first day.

Your favorite spot

The Izoard pass is crazy! My favorite spot is definitely this one.

What de you do if you're not skating?

Fixedgear so much!!!!  Ho and yes! taking care of my Three children.

Which discipline do you prefer?

I used to do Freeride and Downhill but now I am more into Downhill.

what do you drink during skate time?

Rhum coke!

What got you to skate?

First coming from Surf and  Kitesurfing it was all about the riding sensations and then it got me to longboard after a while.